Positive Psychology Coaching

At Hartmann Consumers, we practice Positive Psychology Coaching and have been working alongside consumer counselling healthcare, wellness coaching and lifpositive psychology coachinge coaching since 1973. We work on a positive psychology coaching healthcare model, based on the work of Martin Seligman and others. Positive psychology coaching is often misunderstood by typical consumers – people confuse positive psychology with a vague feel good approach and the idea of feeling happy all the time making everything right. Whilst this does have some basis in reality, positive psychology coaching is much more than that.

Positive psychology is about actively cultivating an approach where happiness and meaningfulness is intrinsically tied to motivations and your essential nature. By seeking internal alignment with your own personal values you are most likely to enter a state of flow and experience the deep happiness and satisfaction that comes with making progress on your life’s journey.

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Since the early 20th century, the various specialized fields of psychology have focused on healing mental distress and disorder rather than on promoting human flourishing and increasing well being. In essence, psychology has focused on fixing things instead of making things better. As personal life coaching specialists, Hartmann Consumers embrace the holistic approach to well being and wellness through meditation, mindfulness meaningful exercise. This whole of life approach is centered around movement through yoga and mindful running as well as taking an active and dynamic approach to life in general.

In this approach we are completely in sync with The Positive Psychology movement, founded by Professor Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania. Seligman engaged in the scientific exploration of human wellness and optimal functioning to help people not only to mend what is broken, but to go on to expand their potential and thrive. This is the key point of difference with traditional “fix it” psychology – working along the lines of better to prevent than cure. Positive psychology aims to give you the tools to maintain and improve upon your good times so that you do not experience the complete withdrawal and rock bottom that often triggers a person’s first contact with psychology services.

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At it’s core, positive psychology is based on the understanding that people seek to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work and play. Personal responsibility is key across all domains – if you are ready and willing to take responsibility for your own improved mental health, then you are in the best position to take advantage of our services at Hartmann Consumers. ┬áPositive psychology coaching is about taking action towards your own continued mental health on a daily, even moment to moment basis.Positive Psychology Coaching

From an addiction recovery standpoint for example – often the starting point is the person accepting that they need help. ie, the first step is to admit you have a problem and to want to do something about it. Positive psychology begins also at this point – if you are ready to take responsibility for your own personal happiness and continued self improvement – then positive psychology may offer you a way forward.

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The key tenets of Positive Psychology center on increasing human flourishing through cultivating positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and achievement. These core focal points are reinforced through taking daily action to build a strong personal brand around these values. Personal coaching and life coaching is essential to begin this to your daily life. In the same way, a wellness coach can help you re-align your daily routine so you make the best choices everyday in terms of your health.